trader是什么意思 trader的读音、翻译、用法

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1. The trader made a profit by buying low and selling high.(这位交易者通过低买高卖赚了钱。)

2. The stock market trader carefully monitored the market trends.(股票市场交易员仔细地监控市场趋势。)

3. The trader's strategy involved taking risks on high-risk commodities.(这位交易者的策略涉及在高风险商品上冒险。)

4. The trader quickly reacted to the changing market conditions.(交易员迅速对变化的市场条件做出反应。)

5. The trader's portfolio was diversified to minimize risk.(交易员的投资组合多样化以最小化风险。)

6. The forex trader relied on technical ysis to make trading decisions.(外汇交易员依靠技术分析做出交易决策。)

7. The trader's reputation for honesty helped him gain the trust of his clients.(交易员的诚实信誉帮他赢得客户的信任。)

8. The options trader had to constantly adjust his positions based on market volatility.(期权交易员必须根据市场波动不断调整自己的头寸。)

9. The energy trader was responsible for buying and selling oil and gas futures.(能源交易员负责买卖石油和天然气期货。)


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