Catsuit是什么意思 Catsuit的读音、翻译、用法

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1. She wore a black catsuit for the Halloween party.(她在万圣节聚会上穿了一件黑色的紧身衣。)

2. The actress looked stunning in a red leather catsuit.(女演员穿着一件红色皮革紧身衣,看起来非常惊艳。)

3. The gymnast wore a shiny silver catsuit during her performance.(体操运动员在表演中穿了一件闪亮的银色紧身衣。)

4. The spy wore a catsuit to infiltrate the enemy's headquarters.(间谍穿上紧身衣以渗透敌人的总部。)

5. The superhero donned her catsuit before heading out to fight crime.(超级英雄穿上紧身衣后出发打击犯罪。)

6. The catsuit clung tightly to her curves, accentuating her figure.(紧身衣紧紧地贴在她的曲线上,突显出她的身材。)

7. The dancer's catsuit was covered in sequins, sparkling under the stage lights.(舞者的紧身衣上镶满了亮片,在舞台灯光下闪烁着光芒。)

8. The fashion model strutted down the runway in a leather catsuit and knee-high boots.(时装模特穿着皮制紧身衣和高过膝的靴子走上T台。)

9. The athlete's catsuit was made of high-tech fabrics, allowing maximum flexibility and breathability.(运动员的紧身衣采用高科技面料制成,让身体最大限度地保持灵活和透气。)


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