Laserdisc是什么意思 Laserdisc的读音、翻译、用法

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1. Laserdiscs are no longer widely used, but they were popular among movie enthusiasts in the 1990s.(激光唱片已经不再被广泛使用了,但在上世纪xx年代它们在电影爱好者中很流行。)

2. I remember buying a laserdisc player for my home theater system back in the day.(我记得在那个时代为我的家庭影院系统买了一台激光唱片机。)

3. Some collectors still prefer laserdiscs to DVDs or Blu-rays for their superior audio and video quality.(一些收藏家仍然喜欢激光唱片,因为它们具有更高的音频和视频质量。)

4. The laserdisc version of the movie includes several bonus features not available on the VHS release.(这部电影的激光唱片版包含了几个在VHS发行版中不可用的额外特色。)

5. After CDs and DVDs became popular, laserdiscs quickly fell out of favor with consumers.(随着CD和DVD的普及,激光唱片很快就失宠于消费者。)

6. Laserdiscs are still used in some professional settings, such as video production studios.(激光唱片仍在一些专业环境下使用,如视频制作工作室。)

7. The laserdisc format allowed for widescreen movies to be presented in their original aspect ratios, which was a major selling point for film enthusiasts.(激光唱片格式允许宽屏电影以其原始比例呈现,这是电影爱好者的一个重要卖点。)

8. The laserdisc edition of the concert features additional songs not included on the DVD release.(这场演唱会的激光唱片版有额外的歌曲,不含于DVD发行版中。)

9. Some collectors enjoy the tactile experience of handling laserdiscs, which are larger and heavier than DVDs.(一些收藏家喜欢激光唱片的触感体验,它们比DVD更大、更重。)


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