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Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing with regard to the internship opportunity advertised on your website. I am very interested in this position as it aligns well with my academic background and career aspirations.

Currently I am a third-year student majoring in Marketing at XYZ University. I have gained relevant knowledge and skills through various coursework including Consumer Behavior Integrated Marketing Communication and Brand Management. Moreover I have completed an internship at a local advertising agency last summer where I was responsible for conducting market research and creating promotional materials for clients.

I believe this internship will allow me to further develop my professional competencies and gain practical experience in the field of marketing. I am confident that I will be an et to your team with my strong ytical and communication skills as well as my creative thinking.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further.


[Your Name]









With the development of science and technology, today people not only keep in touch with each other through mobile phones, but also contact by e-mail when we turn on the computer. We can find all kinds of information, some of which are important. They are sent by friends, and some are junk information.

These messages are sent by unknown people, because we can get information from all kinds of resources and be cheated There are always some information about advertits in our e-mails, such as car safety. Some advertits say that you are lucky people. If you give them some information, they need a lot of people to be cheated, because they want to get prizes when we read e-mails.

We should pay attention to fraud and never be greedy. Wealth will not fall from the sky, only we are The effort.




Hello, Ms. Liu. I haven't contacted you for a long time.

How are you doing? As a matter of fact, I was destined to write to you, but I've been overwhelmed by endless homework, and it's luxurious even to call home. As I told you before, I'll have the advantage of BEC in about ten days, so I need to do a lot of mock tests. Before I get into the real exam, I begin to realize that Reading part is very difficult, which requires me to have a lot of judgment in fighting against the following problems.

However, I have confidence in my English ability. I believe that I can fully achieve the English I expect these days. On the one hand, I need to prepare for the coming examination; on the other hand, I have never been enthusiastic about English It has dropped a little bit, but has been increasing.

No matter how busy my major is, when I come into contact with an English magazine or novel, I will take time to learn English. I will immediately put aside my main books and continue to enjoy them until I completely forget the time. Sometimes I will be shocked by my crazy English.

From your teaching, I deeply understand that your grammar is very good. I am very grateful to those grammar majors I think a good grammar skill is a good foundation for one to further study English. Because of the limited time, I will stop here.

I hope everything goes well and best wishes for you to keep correspondence in the future.



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