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Located about kilometers northwest of Beijing, Xiangshan Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the suburbs of Beijing, covering an area of 10000 mu. In the Jin Dynasty, Xiangshan temple was built, and terraces, pavilions and pagodas were added in successive dynasties. Later, it was changed into a park, named Xiangshan Park.

Together with Yuanmingyuan and Sumer palace, Qingyou Park was damaged twice a year. After large-scale restoration, the reconstruction work can no longer restore its original scale and glory. Now, Xiangshan Park has become a popular late autumn season, with maple leaves Turn red, this is the most attractive place.

No one knows the origin of lacquer trees. It is said that the south wind brought the seeds of mangrove trees to Beijing. The seeds survived.

With the page of time, they grew into a beautiful forest. Another story says that acacia trees were transplanted to this area by Emperor Qianlong (November of the Qing Dynasty). The frosted leaves of these trees, together with persimmons and maples, covered Xiangshan like a thick red blanket for two centuries.

It has been a popular resort for residents of Beijing. The main scenic spots in the park include: Wonders Lake built in L. The wonder lake is actually composed of two ponds.

When the water reflects sunlight, it is separated and crossed by a stone bridge. The two lakes are like a pair of wonders. Therefore, the name of the s is a small cave with spring water dripping from the hole.

The silent studio is a water curtain frozen into ice pillars in winter. It was built in the middle of the century and built in the Ming Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, there was a heart-shaped inside the wall After the studio was burned, the studio was renovated behind Guangming temple in the south.

The bright temple was the residence of the sixth Panchen Erdeni when he visited Beijing. This courtyard has a red terrace of Tibetan style subway, which was destroyed by English army in.












Xiangshan is a famous scenic area and a national AAAA-level tourist attraction in Beijing. It is located in the northwest suburb of Beijing and is not far from the city center with convenient transportation. Xiangshan has become a must-see for many tourists because of its beautiful natural landscape long history and many famous cultural relics.

The natural scenery of Xiangshan is very beautiful. Its peaks and valleys and lush forests create a unique landscape. In spring the mountain is covered with flowers in summer it is lush with greenery in autumn it is full of red leaves in winter it is covered in white snow. Xiangshan also has many rare plants and animals it an important area for ecological protection.

The history and culture of Xiangshan are also very rich. During the Qing Dynasty it was the imperial garden of the Taihe Palace and the Old Summer Palace. In the early 20th century it became the birthplace of the New Culture Movement and the May Fourth Movement. After 1949 it became a resting and working place for the Party and government officials. Xiangshan also has many historical sites and monuments such as the Wanshou Temple Yiniantang Zhiyuan and Tang Dynasty Stele Forest etc.

Overall Xiangshan is a place worth visiting. Whether it is natural scenery or historical culture it allows people to experience the unique charm of Beijing.


Every September or October, Chinese people all over the world celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. It is said that the moon is its biggest and brightest day. The Mid Autumn Festival is very important because it is a special festival for families.

It is also a day for special food, just like mood cake. There are all kinds of moon cakes. Traditional atmosphere cakes are usually made of bean paste, but now there are many different kinds of moon cakes, including fruits, coffee, chocolate, and even ice cream moon cakes.




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