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There is a story in the ancient state of Zheng. A man wanted to buy a pair of ss for himself. He measured his feet with a rope.

Then he went to the market. He was looking at some ss from the smaker. At this time, he realized that he had left his size at home.

So he put down his ss and rushed home to get them. When he came back with a measuring instrument, the market was closed, so he could not buy ss He was asked, "why don't you try your feet?" He replied, "I'd rather believe in measurement than in my feet.".




When my second child was born in Minnesota, I said to him, "congratulations on having four children, and then I said to their first husband, congratulations on having twins." "You have triplets." the man said, "well, strangely, I'm the director of" Three Musketeers. ". Finally, the nurse came up to the third man and said, "Congratulations, you have twins X." the man was happy to say, "ironically, I worked in a hotel for four seasons." the three of them were very happy until they saw the last partner jumping around and cursing God.

They banged his head against the wall and asked him what was wrong. He replied, "what's the matter with me working for 7up?" Problem: ':',: ':'m',: ':':.




Recently, a good friend of mine has shared almost everything with him since the first day of kindergarten. Since I moved to a new town a few years ago, we have been looking forward to seeing each other several times a year. Over the weekend, we spent hours staying up late into the night talking about the people around her, and she started telling me the story of her new boyfriend, about how he experimented with drugs and other self destructive behaviors.

I was shocked. She told me that she had been lying to her parents about where she was going, or even sneaking out to see the man because they didn't want her. No matter how hard I tried to tell her that she deserved better care, she didn't believe me, and her self-esteem seemed to have disappeared.

I tried to convince her that she had ruined her future and was in big trouble. I felt that I had made no progress, just couldn't believe her I really think it's acceptable to be with a group of losers, especially her boyfriend. I'm really worried about her and I'm exhausted by that experience.

Over the weekend, I almost told her that maybe our relationship was too distant to continue our friendship, but I did not put the power of friendship in the ultimate test. We have been friends for too long. I can only hope that she attaches great importance to me and knows that I want to save her from hurting myself.

I want to believe that our friendship can overcome everything. A few days later, she called to say that she had been thinking about our conversation for a long time and was very serious, and then she told me that she had broken up with my boyfriend I had just heard on the other end of the phone, and tears of joy ran down my face, one of the most memorable moments of my life, and I had never been so proud of a friend of Danielle Fisher.




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