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关于”同辈压力“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Peer pressure。以下是关于同辈压力的高二英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Peer pressure

With the accelerating pace of life, we soon lost the art of relaxation. It's hard to slow down because you're used to running from morning to night, but relaxation is essential for your physical and mental health. Stress is a natural part of daily life.

In fact, it is unavoidable, which is not a bad thing, because people usually think that a certain degree of pressure is essential to provide motivation and give life goals. Only when stress is out of control, can it lead to r performance and r health. The pressure a person can bear depends largely on the individual, and some people are not afraid of pressure These personality traits are obviously the main material of management responsibility.

When other people encounter unusual difficulties, they will lose confidence. No matter what the form, we will make chemical and physiological reactions. In fact, we choose between "escape or fight".

In more primitive days, these choices determine life or death. The crisis we encounter today is not very serious It can be so extreme, but no matter how small stress is, it involves the same response as sustained stress over a long period of time. Health threats, such as high blood pressure and heart disease, have been linked to stress because we can't eliminate stress in our lives (even if we can find a way to deal with it, it's unwise to do so).




同辈压力 (Peer Pressure)





Peer pressure refers to the pressure from peers including behavior attitude and values. Peer pressure is a natural phenomenon that exists wherever you go. It can have both positive and negative effects on our behavior and decisions.

At times peer pressure can make people feel confused and lost. People often want to maintain good relationships with their peers but what should we do when they expect us to do things that go against our own will It all depends on our own values and beliefs. If we are clear about our own stance we can reject these negative influences.

Peer pressure can also be positive as it can motivate us to do more and learn more. We can learn a lot from our peers including confidence courage and responsibility.

In conclusion peer pressure is a phenomenon that exists in our lives. We need to learn how to face and handle it correctly. Only in this way can we make the right decisions and achieve our goals and values.


Directions: for this part, you can write a composition about stress in a few minutes. You should write no less than words and build your composition on the following website: about stress with the acceleration of the pace of modern life, more and more people live under great pressure. Some people are afraid of pressure.

They think that the pressure is great. In their opinion, the intense work deprives them of their happiness and happiness, and the stress is harmful to their body and mind. That's why they prefer competitive and hard work than demanding work, while challengers think that Stress is not as bad as you usually think, unless it is overwhelming.

A certain amount of pressure is essential to provide motivation and stimulation without pressure. You may slack off and waste time, which gives purpose and meaning to the meaningless and boring life. In my opinion, people under pressure tend to give full play to their potential and achieve their goals.

We should not avoid pressure, but what we can do in the face of pressure is to adapt to the pressure and profit from it, rather than avoid it.


方向:对于这一部分,你可以用几分钟的时间来写一篇关于压力的作文,你应该写不少于单词,并将你的作文建立在下面的网上: 关于压力 随着现代生活节奏的加快,越来越多的人生活在巨大的压力下有些人害怕压力他们认为压力很大在他们看来,紧张的工作剥夺了他们的快乐和幸福,压力对他们的身心都有害,这就是为什么他们更喜欢竞争性和艰苦性比要求更高的工作,而挑战者则认为,压力并不像通常想象的那么糟糕,除非它是压倒性的,一定量的压力对于在没有压力的情况下提供动力和是至关重要的,你可能会懈怠和浪费时间这给原本毫无意义、枯燥的生活赋予了目标和意义。在我看来,处于压力之下的人倾向于充分发挥他们的潜力,实现他们的目标,我们不应该逃避压力,但面对压力是我们能做的,就是适应压力并从中获利,而不是逃避压力。

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