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关于”my view on success“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:my view on success。以下是关于my view on success的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:my view on success

(my view on examination) it seems that examinations have become a part of our life. From junior schools to universities, even work units, it is difficult to imagine that a student can succeed without any examination. As a relatively equal measure to select outstanding talents in a certain field, examinations are regarded as the driving force for students to pursue success.

At the same time, the disadvantages of examinations are also obvious, It allows people to focus on examination skills rather than knowledge itself. The simple answer may be to judge how we can prove ourselves to be talented people based on their scores in the test. The usual way is to get high marks.

Many people find it easier to deal with examinations than with education. So they prefer to improve examination skills rather than systems To learn a subject. Therefore, the examination teaching standard is low.

In my high school, teachers often teach students how to solve test questions, but seldom encourage and guide them to solve practical problems. On a summer morning, I often got high marks in physics. The fan at home did not have high self-confidence.

I staggered to check what was wrong with it. I could not even understand its circuit diagram, let alone repair it. All of a sudden, I feel depressed for myself and the education system.

I feel confused about what I really learned. The same thing happened when I was admitted to university. My English score was very high (full mark is).

So I chose English as my major without hesitation, because I believe that English is my strong point, but I am wrong. What I master is "deaf" and "dumb" I can't express English correctly both orally and in writing, so I became a victim of the current examination system. I decided to take the development of my practical ability as my fundamental purpose in University.

Examinations often cause psychological pressure. Many students are not in good health, and a few even commit . Because they think that they are inferior to others, they do not have good grades.

We must have an objective attitude towards the examination. We should pay enough attention to the dark side of the examination and seek appropriate methods Reform the examination step by step. I think a reasonable examination system is what we all expect.









My view is that success means not only material wealth or power but also personal growth and happiness. Success should not be measured only by societal standards but rather by individual values and life goals. Success is a dynamic concept with different definitions and goals for each person.

Success should be a long-term process that requires hard work and perseverance. Success is not achieved overnight but rather through continuous trial and error and learning. Success requires courage and confidence and the ability to overcome difficulties and challenges. For those who have achieved success their path to success has been filled with setbacks and failures but they have learned valuable lessons and gained experience along the way.

Success should not be isolated but rather shared with others. Successful people should consciously give back to society and help those in need. Successful people should be a positive force inspiring and encouraging those around them.

In conclusion success is a challenging and rewarding process that requires continuous learning and growth. We should define and pursue our own path to success based on our individual values and life goals. At the same time we should share our success and help others achieve their goals and dreams.

满分英语范文3:my view on success

We live in a world full of competition. Examination is one of the tools to test whether we meet the standard. If we want to enter a key university, we must get high marks in the college entrance examination.

If we want to have a good job, we will pass a series of interviews and tests. If we want to drive, we must pass the driving test. Some people complain that there are too many tests in our life, which can not truly or fully reflect a person's ability.

Unfortunately, our destiny and future depend on these tests, and we can't avoid them In fact, the examination can only test what we remember, not what we know. A good memory is easy to get high marks before the exam. All he has to do is to remember the knowledge in the textbook.

It is unfair to evaluate students only through the examination. Students may have some accidents, such as a high fever or sudden headache, which will affect the final grade, because there is no such thing People can always maintain a stable performance, luck plays a vital role in the examination. If a student's handwriting is good, although he does not study hard, he may guess the answer correctly.

In a word, the subjective factors that affect the test results are various, and it is not enough to evaluate students with examinations. If schools want to evaluate students, they can only use different methods to evaluate students, and the results are fair.




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