英语作文课教学反思是什么意思 英语作文课教学反思的读音、翻译、用法

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关于”课教学反思“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:teaching reflection。以下是关于课教学反思的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:teaching reflection

Textbook ysis teaching reflection, I have developed a general legal review on this subject [R ɪˈˈ vju] [R ɪ vju] vt VI the government's review of its education policy. This case is subject to judicial review. Stubborn, he is a stubborn character, accustomed to taking his own path, treatment can remove the most stubborn stains.


教科书分析教学反思,我已经制定了一项关于这一主题的一般性法律[rɪˈvju:][rɪvju]vt vi对其教育政策的该案要接受司法固执的他是一个顽固的性格习惯于走自己的路治疗可以去除最顽固的污渍。


In the past semester I have been teaching middle school English composition cl. Looking back I feel that there are both strengths and weaknesses in my teaching.


Firstly I have set clear learning objectives for each class and designed corresponding teaching activities to help students achieve these objectives. For example when teaching the narrative essay I presented different types of narrative structures and then guided students to yze and write narratives of their own. This approach helped students understand the key components of the narrative essay and facilitated their writing proficiency.

Secondly I have created a positive and interactive claoom atmosphere to encourage students’ partition and discussion. During class I often ask students for their opinions and encourage them to express their ideas freely. I also provide feedback on their writing and encourage them to learn from each other's work.


One weakness is that I sometimes underestimated the difficulty of the materials and the level of the students. For example when teaching a descriptive essay I gave students a passage to read and asked them to describe the scenery. However some students had difficulty with the vocabulary and sentence structures in the passage which made it hard for them to understand the content and complete the task. In the future I need to take into account students’ language proficiency and adjust the teaching materials and methods accordingly.

Another weakness is that I need to improve my sment methods. Currently I mainly focus on students’ written work and rarely s their oral proficiency. I plan to incorporate more listening and speaking activities into future lessons and find more effective ways to s students’ language ability.

Overall I believe that my teaching has improved over the past semester but there is still much room for growth. I will continue to reflect on my teaching practice and strive to provide a better learning experience for my students.











In the mid-term exam, I made too many stupid mistakes, my English has always been very good, but this time, inadvertently, English is wrong, there are many mistakes. After my reflection, I think carefully about it and I read a big topic is not serious relationship, also extended to my understanding of mathematics and language, my teacher has great expectations, but I did not do it well I'm sorry, but since the mistake is correct, I want to pass the exam. After all, many things need to be studied.

It's not the final exam. I still have a chance to take the next exam. I should work harder not to disappoint the teachers, parents and students.

Don't let yourself down. I hope the teacher won't lose. Believe me.

Although my exam is not ideal, I believe that we should learn from ourselves My strength next test, I will certainly work hard.




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