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关于”live green“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:live green。以下是关于live green的高一英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:live green

Instruction D: for the second part of this article, you can write a short essay entitled "green food" in a few minutes. With more and more people pay attention to healthy diet, green food has begun to attract more and more public attention. In recent years, the market demand for green food has increased sharply, and various kinds of green food emerge in endlessly.

Why is green food so popular in China? First of all, green food is healthier, safer and more nutritious than ordinary food. Moreover, many vegetables are now due to the use of agriculture With the improvement of living standards, more and more people can afford a healthier and more expensive way of life. Although the price of green food is higher, it still becomes people's favorite food.

However, the market is full of genuine and fake green food, which makes many consumers confused. The government must strengthen the awareness of green The supervision and management of food market can improve consumers' understanding of green food, and make green food play a more active role in people's life.




Ladies and gentlemen: Good morning. My speech is part of the green Olympic Games in China. Two years later, the green Olympic Games will be held in China.

Green Olympics is one of the three major themes of the Beijing Olympic Games. In order to protect the environment and build more green projects, the Beijing government has made great efforts to achieve ecological balance, promote circular economy and protect water resources. For example, the government will build a new hotel, a huge stadium, a new Olympic standard swimming pool, and more buildings will be built outside the capital, which will be called the Olympic city.

My home is there. As a Chinese, I am looking forward to the arrival of the Olympic Games. As a senior high school student in Beijing, we should play an active role in realizing the Green Olympics So we should start with ourselves, our families, our friends and the people around us.

Although our country is very beautiful and modern now, I always see that it has any problems. Cars produce smoke in the streets and bathrooms. I see students turn on the tap after using it.

Not only young people but also old people throw things everywhere. It is not right. Even in a beautiful park, these things happen every day, even in Beijing This is also the case in such a modern city.

Let's start with the things around us. Don't litter on the road, don't make a lot of noise outside. After using the tap, go to school by bike or bus instead of taking a private car.

After washing clothes, save your pocket money and donate money to environmental protection organizations. We can use it to clean the toilet. We can prevent others from destroying the environment for me.

I always pick up the garbage and throw it into the garbage can. I collect waste paper or bottles for recycling and reuse. I plant more trees and flowers.

We should start from every little thing around us and truly realize the Green Olympics we are grateful for Because the emblem of the Beijing Olympic Games is the precious wealth of the Chinese people dedicated to the Olympic movement. To express the Olympic spirit, publicize the theme of "Green Olympics", and let Beijing really move towards the "Green Olympics", this is the responsibility of any peace loving person and the responsibility of our Beijing middle school students.




满分英语范文3:live green

The green action of our class in April is unforgettable, because our class had a very meaningful experience that morning. We rode bicycles to the countryside to plant trees. We talked and laughed all the way.

We started to work immediately. Some were digging holes, some were digging holes, some were planting trees, and some were watering after work. We put up a sign before leaving to remind everyone to pay attention to protect To protect trees, we took some photos and recorded the actions we saw trees.

We all have a sense of achievement. We feel that it is our responsibility to protect and beautify our environment.



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