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关于”回忆生活“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Memories of life。以下是关于回忆生活的高二英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Memories of life

Every holiday, I will be very happy, because I do not have to study, can always play, but I always forget my homework, I will always do the last minute for me is very painful, I am very tired and want to sleep, but I can't, I have to finish my homework, I need to finish my homework early next time.




In my childhood, the summer vacation left a deep impression on me and brought me many happy memories. At that time, we got up very early every day. Although there were not many modern entertainment activities, we could still be satisfied with climbing trees, swimming in the river, catching erflies, bees and so on.

We could give full play to our imagination and wisdom to enjoy life. The happiest time of the day is the night when everyone goes out to chat. Sometimes we gather around an old grandfather and listen to an old story, which always attracts many children.

Our sadness and joy are all from the story. Sometimes we take a small stool, make it into a horse, and then ride around it. We play the knight.

The front of the stool moves up and down, banging on the ground, a beep. We often follow our folk songs, but our parents can't accept the game because it's noisy, and they can't stand it. We are always forced to disband, but soon we can find a new program ‰ around midnight, people will go back to bed one by one under the pressure of their parents, and we have to go home, but as soon as we go to bed, the entertainment plan for the next day will come out Now in our minds, and then we can sleep with a smile.





In my childhood, there was so much fun in my youth that I could not help laughing at the question that all of us should ask me something that worried me. A new memory. I remember that in the past year, when I sat comfortably on the sofa on a Sunday morning and enjoyed watching TV, I saw on TV a variety of chickens from a chicken farm, It's colorful, yellow and white.

It's a cute little head. The eyes turn around and the willows stop. In addition, it's hairy.

I think I need an idea. My mother cooks a chicken in the kitchen. I go to my mother and grin and say, "Mom, Dad, Dad, I've worked overtime to buy some chickens.

It will give you time to buy them, Ah, "I really hate it." you know, they fell on the sofa again, and the second time suddenly passed. I was shocked. The eggs in the refrigerator were not me talking to myself while thinking.

I won two eggs. The chicks who hatched eggs through the refrigerator should see how the eggs hatched. If I came to hatch, the eggs were squeezed easily.

Usually, my mother always said dad Dad's body stove, Dad's quilt must be hot. "I think Dad carefully put the eggs into the yard, patiently waiting for the chicken father to come back. The storm will soon open his eyes, enter the bedroom, lift the quilt.

In my sleep, I only heard my father not calling his name. Soon, I walked over, and my father was wiping his pants with paper, and I sobbed and laughed secretly "Zhuo Zhuo, you are not a good thing?" my father said angrily, "Zhuo Zhuo, are you not a good thing?" my father said angrily, "I will tell my parents in detail in the dark that we all laughed. My mother rubbed my little head:" dumb child, no chicken hatched from eggs.

"How interesting it is for us to sway in my eyes, which makes me understand a profound truth: people should not blindly To do it, but to think it over and take action.



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