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Once, in the middle of the night, an Englishman walked from his room to the corridor of a hotel and asked the servant to bring him a glass of water. The servant did as he did. The Englishman returned to his room, but a few minutes later, he came into the corridor again and asked for a glass of water from the servant again.

The servant gave him another glass of water every few minutes. The Englishman would come out of his room and repeat his request. Half an hour later, the surprised servant decided to ask the Englishman what he was doing with the water.

"Nothing," the Englishman replied calmly, "it's just that my room is on fire."...





I'm going to take a vacation in the sun. I'm going to go there by spaceship. I'm going to take a big blue spaceship.

Then I'm going to drive the spaceship to the sun. The sun is very hot. So I put on my super shirt in the morning.

I'll eat some sun burgers at eight o'clock. I'll play with my friends. They're super dogs and super girls.

Super dogs are white black super girls. They're very smart super girls Children and super dogs like to play with me, so I played with them for 40 minutes. Then I did my homework in my red room on a small blue table.

I had lunch, I wanted to eat sun salad, I had to make some red teddy bears for sun baby. I wanted to drink red juice, red fish and red rice. Because the sun was too hot, I needed to put a lot of water on the sun So I'm going to go to the spaceship, and I'm going to fly it to earth.




On Wednesday, astronauts on the space station celebrated their first space trip by drinking water condensed from urine, sweat and exhaled air, saying "cheers," lighting beverage bags and toasting NASA staff who are sipping their own version of recycled drinking water on the ground. "It's delicious," American astronaut Michael Barrett said at the time When Gennady Padalka, a Russian, tried to catch small bubbles on the clear water floating in front of him, Barrett called the taste "worth pursuing"; he said the label of the water said: "drink this when the real water is miles away"; and "the urine recovery system is needed by astronaut outposts on the moon and Mars, and it will also save beauty." NASA's money, because it doesn't need to use a space shuttle or a cargo to send so much water to the station. Equally important, because the station is about to expand from three to six people, the recovery system was sent to the station by the space shuttle Endeavor in November last year, but it was not used until the samples were tested on earth.

The trio stood there with drinks and congratulated engineers at two NASA centers working on the system: "this is science fiction stuff, Barratt said before taking a sip, NASA's deputy space shuttle manager, Leroy Cain calls it "a huge milestone"; the new system takes astronaut urine out of the toilet and transfers it to a large tank, where the water is boiled and the collected steam and other pollutants are thrown away, Marybeth When six crew members are on board, it will pass through a filter and extract about six gallons of water from urine in about six hours, Edeen said. NASA's technology for the system has been used for rapid water purification after the Asian tsunami, "said Eden." we're happy to get this water working through the system, and we're glad it works through our system, "Barratt said.


周三,空间站上的宇航员们首次庆祝太空之旅,他们饮用了从尿液、汗水和呼出的空气中凝结而成的水,他们说“干杯”,点着饮料袋,并向正在地上啜饮自己版本的再生饮用水的美国航天局工作人员敬酒,“味道好极了,“美国宇航员迈克尔·巴雷特当时说,当俄罗斯人根纳迪·帕达尔卡试图捕捉漂浮在他面前的清澈水面上的小气泡时,巴雷特称这种味道“值得追求”;他说,这种水的标签上写着:“当真正的水在数英里以外的地方时,就喝这个”;“尿液回收系统是月球和火星上的宇航员前哨所需要的,它也将节省美国宇航局的资金,因为它不需要用航天飞机或货运火箭把那么多的水送到空间站同样重要的是,由于空间站即将从3人扩大到6人,回收系统已于去年xx月由奋进号航天飞机送至空间站,但是直到样本在地球上被测试出来之后,它才得以使用。三人组拿着饮料站在那里,向美国航天局两个研究该系统的中心的工程师们道贺:“这是科幻小说里的东西,Barratt在喝了一口之前说,美国宇航局副航天飞机经理LeRoy Cain称之为“一个巨大的里程碑”;新系统将宇航员的尿液从马桶中取出,并将其转移到一个大水箱中,在那里水被煮沸,收集到的蒸汽和其他污染物被扔掉,Marybeth Edeen说,负责该系统的空间站国家实验室经理-水蒸气与空气冷凝水混合,当六名机组人员在船上时,它会通过过滤器,在大约六个小时内从尿液中提炼出大约六加仑的水。美国宇航局为这个系统开发的技术已经用于亚洲海啸后的快速水净化,Edeen说:“我们很高兴能让这些水通过系统工作,我们很高兴它能通过我们的系统工作,”Barratt说。

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