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Harmony is a state of peaceful coexistence and cooperation that leads to a balanced and positive way of life. It is the ultimate goal of many individuals and societies who strive for a better world. Achieving harmony involves respecting and valuing differences finding common ground and working together towards a common goal.

Harmony is essential for personal and collective well-being. When people live in harmony they are happier and healthier and there is less conflict and stress in their lives. Harmony also promotes creativity and innovation as people are more likely to share ideas and collaborate when they feel valued and respected.

In order to achieve harmony it is important to cultivate empathy and understanding for others. This means taking the time to listen and learn from diverse perspectives and embracing diversity as a strength rather than a weakness. It also involves practicing mindfulness and self-reflection to cultivate inner harmony and peace.

In conclusion harmony is a valuable ideal that can lead to a better world for all. By valuing diversity practicing empathy and understanding and working together towards common goals we can build a more harmonious and balanced society.






Harmonious coexistence between man and nature is the only way for economic and social development to a certain extent and at a certain stage. It is an inevitable choice for human beings after summing up experiences and lessons. With the passage of time, the population has increased dramatically, the accumulation of human experience and knowledge, and the development of science and technology.

Especially after the industrial revolution, human transformation of nature has affected the ability of natural growth Human beings can change the natural order, make the natural world for their own purposes and dominate the natural world. However, we must bear in mind that man's control over nature is not standing outside nature. To build a harmonious campus, we should establish a harmonious relationship between students, pay attention to the difficulties among students, help them feel warm, maintain a good attitude of harmonious campus, treat people with tolerance and use The sincere heart sincerely changes another person's heart, causes the student to get along harmoniously, thus creates the harmonious relations.




As shown in the figure, a student loves computer games so much that he suddenly can't see anything. However, the fact that the rising students play CS and other computer games in their spare time has aroused great concern and should be given sufficient consideration. Undoubtedly, its symbolic significance is to prevent them from indulging in CG.

In view of the above situation, first of all To put forward several effects of CG, think that too much CG will damage the health of players, especially the eyes. Just like being exposed in the screen, more and more students ignore learning, waste time, and even commit crimes. This is a better example of threats we don't want to see.

This is a student, who wants to play computer, but has no money. Willie and rob C. act rashly g.

In a sense, it's like Pandora's box, which unexpectedly produced some bad results. Therefore, there is no problem more important than to control CG in the survival and prosperity of such a country and individual as China. We need to take some effective measures.

On the one hand, the government is required to formulate laws to prohibit the sale of ographic and violent ographic products; on the other hand, we should take our own responsibility and spare no effort to let people realize the harm of CG After these measures, can we do it? Let our agers live a healthy life, which is the core of building a harmonious society.



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