万能英语作文范文通用是什么意思 万能英语作文范文通用的读音、翻译、用法

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In old China, preparations for the new year began before New Year's day. At the beginning of December every year, there is a big cleaning. Every family will thoroughly clean their house, clothes, bedding and all the utensils, so as to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year.

It is believed that this is a big sweep to get the house ready for good luck. All brooms and dustpans are put away on New Year's Eve so that good luck will not be swept away. Spring Festival couplets, written in black ink on large vertical red paper scrolls, are pasted on the wall or the side of the door.

These couplets are short poems written in classical Chinese to express good wishes for the new year of the family. In addition, symbolic flowers and fruits are used to decorate the house's lively door god, happy scrolls, beautiful window decorations, colorful new year pictures and colorful red lanterns, all of which give people a festive atmosphere The shopkeepers are so busy that everyone goes to buy the new year's items, from cooking oil, rice, chicken, fish and meat, to fruits, candy and nuts, to decorations, new clothes and ss for children, and gifts for relatives and friends.


在旧中国,新年的准备工作在元旦之前就开始了。每年的xx月初是一次大扫除,每家每户都会对自己的房子、衣服、被褥和所有的用具进行彻底的清洁,以告别旧的xx年,迎接新的xx年。据信这是一次大扫除扫除厄运,让房子为好运进屋做好准备所有的扫帚和簸箕都在除夕放好,这样好运就不会被扫除了 春联,用黑色墨水写在大的垂直的红色纸卷轴上,贴在墙上或门的侧面。

这些对联是用文言写成的短诗表达对家庭新的xx年的美好祝愿除此之外,象征性的花果被用来装饰房子的生动活泼的门神、幸福的卷轴、漂亮的窗花、五彩缤纷的年画和花团锦簇的红灯笼,都给人一种喜气洋洋的节日气氛 店主们忙得不亦乐乎每个人都会去买过年的东西,从食用油、大米、鸡肉、鱼和肉,到水果、糖果和坚果,再到各种装饰品、给孩子们的新衣服和鞋子,以及给亲朋好友的礼物。


China's general education has always been the focus of attention of the government, but also caused widespread concern from all walks of life. The issues involved in this topic include public and private schools, tuition fees, current curriculum design, etc. Although the tuition fees are very high, parents are always concerned about which school to choose for the best education for their children.

Many parents think that private schools are worth choosing because they provide better teaching resources and facilities for children studying in public schools Many parents often complain that claooms are too crowded and teachers lack communication on tuition fees. Many parents are under financial pressure when their children partite in extracurricular activities such as physical education and computer cl. These activities will increase extra expenses.

Moreover, the extra expensive textbooks, spring outings and class selection fees are all for parents, whether formal or informal A huge burden, although many fees are illegal under current policy, parents are willing to pay for them to let their children learn in a better environment. Recently, many proposals for changing the new curriculum have been widely spread. As students complain about heavy workload and outdated knowledge, many students consider going directly to work after high school to gain more work experience because they feel that they can't learn anything from university.

Many schools have added economic and information technology courses to their courses to enable students to acquire more up-to-date knowledge and knowledge. In a word, although the debate on general education is so fierce, we can not deny its importance to everyone and society as a whole. Therefore, any policy or financial change should be carefully evaluated and discussed.





Topic Why learning a foreign language is important

为什么学习外语很重要Learning a foreign language is becoming more and more important in our global society. There are several reasons why we should learn a foreign language.


Firstly it can broaden our horizons. By learning a foreign language we can better understand the culture and customs of other countries. It helps us to communicate with people from different parts of the world and appreciate their differences.


Secondly it can improve our job opportunities. With increasing globalization knowledge of a foreign language can give us a competitive edge in the job market. Many employers seek employees who can speak multiple languages.


Thirdly it can enhance our cognitive abilities. Studies have shown that learning a foreign language can improve our memory concentration and problem-solving skills. It can also delay the onset of dementia later in life.


In conclusion learning a foreign language can benefit us both professionally and personally. It can broaden our knowledge job prospects and cognitive abilities. Therefore we should make an effort to learn a foreign language to keep pace with the global society.


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